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Do You Like Veal or Chicken for Parmesan

We Can Help You Choose Between the Two Meats for Parmesan

Do you like veal or chicken for parmesan? Both dishes are staples in the Italian food landscape. However, everyone has their own preference. This month, Mamma Maria’s will help you decide between the two meats for your next Italian meal in Salem, VA. We will do this by explaining the benefits of the two dishes.

Learn What Makes Veal a Popular Dish in the Italian Food Landscape

Most people are not aware of veal as meat. Although it tastes delicious, everyone can’t eat it because farmers produce it from male dairy calves. What makes it so special is that it delivers protein to a protein-deficient diet. This meat contains more iron, zinc, riboflavin, vitamin B12, and Niacin than other meats do. It also contains less fat than other meats.

Eating Chicken Provides Many Benefits

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of chicken meat? This food contains all nine essential amino acids along with less cholesterol than beef or pork. The benefits of eating chicken go beyond just its low-fat content. Chicken provides an excellent source of iron, B vitamins, vitamin A, and Niacin.

Understand the Differences Between Veal and Chicken for Parmesan

While both meats provide many benefits, they also have a lot of differences. Even though the dish bears the name parmesan, you can also use mozzarella or another type of cheese. Veal parmesan also goes by parmi, parmigiana, or parma. Needtorefrigerate.com talks about the differences been veal and chicken for parmesan.

Come to Mamma Maria’s for Quality Italian Cuisine in Salem, VA

When you want to treat your family to delicious Italian cuisine, come to a restaurant that values customer service. You need to choose a place that provides a great atmosphere and the freshest ingredients in every meal. Mamma Maria’s in Salem, VA, has a great menu of chicken and veal parmesan and other dishes.

Mamma Maria’s can help you decide if you want veal or chicken for parmesan. Call us at (540) 389-2848, or contact us online to make reservations at our restaurant in Salem, VA. You can also like us on Facebook for the latest restaurant news and information. Mamma Maria’s proudly helps residents in and around Salem, VA, decide between veal or chicken for parmesan.