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Tasty Gelato Made Fresh at Mamma Maria's

Follow up your dinner at Mamma Maria’s with our fresh gelato. Gelato is one of the most popular Italian desserts. You can think of it as Italian ice cream, but it is so much more. At Mamma Maria’s, we make ours fresh every day.

Gelato: A Proud Tradition

Gelato dates from Roman times, when pure white snow from the mountains was gathered and mixed with honey for a refreshing treat. That is why is it called gelato, meaning frozen. Although we no longer climb mountains to gather snow, Mamma Maria’s gelato is still a labor of love.

How Does Gelato Differ from Ice Cream?

Creaminess – Gelato is smoother and creamier than common ice cream. Because it holds less air than ice cream, it is also denser, and therefore, more satisfying. This allows the flavor to take center stage, leading to an exciting experience.
Ingredients – Gelato contains less cream and more milk than regular ice cream. We also do not add egg yolks, a common ingredient in many ice creams.
Health Benefits – Ice cream can have up to 25 percent butterfat. Mamma Maria’s gelato contains only four to nine percent.
Temperature – Finally, Mamma Maria’s serves gelato at a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream. This means that your mouth is less numb when you eat it. And a less numb tongue is more open to varied flavors.
Mamma Maria’s has a rotating line-up of gelato flavors that will make you and your kids smile!

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