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Catering During the Pandemic

No One Could Have Predicted Pandemic Catering

Catering during the pandemic has become the new norm over the last two years. Many foodservice businesses are still trying to engage their customers safely. Some restaurants made it through by offering delivery options. If you are planning on safely catering during the pandemic, we can help. This month, Mamma Maria’s will show you six tips on safely catering during the pandemic in Salem, VA.

Follow These Tips to Keep You and Your Patrons Safe

Some customers prefer catering services over traditional dining because safety precautions are more prevalent. As residents in and around Salem, VA, turn to catering, there’s a higher need to deliver risk-free dining experiences. For safe catering during the pandemic, follow these six tips:

Offer Single-Use Silverware and Plates

Transmitting COVID-19 through small surfaces is minimal compared to sneezes or coughs. Single-Use utensils add extra protection to your patrons. Check out webstrauntstore.coms selection of single-use flatware.

Plan Ahead

Implement safe social distancing measures by setting up tables and chairs six feet apart. You can also individually wrap silverware with napkins, towelettes, and condiments.

Visit the Buffet the Safe Way

Assigning masked personnel to each buffet station can keep your patrons and staff safe. Hosts can also provide each guest with tongs to serve themselves.

Provide Boxes

Serve individual meals in boxes for each person. Doing so can make sure each person’s food is their own.

Pre-Plate Meals

Pre-plating your meals and pre-seating your guests can enhance social distancing measures.

Sanitize Everything

Have hand sanitizer readily available to promote a safe dining experience. Doing so can show your guests that you have their best interest in mind.

As you safely cater through the pandemic, Mamma Maria’s can help you. Our staff can cater on or off-premises. Just check out our menu and send an email to see how we can help you.

Reach out to Mamma Maria’s at  (540) 389-2848 to learn more about safely catering during the pandemic. You can contact us online or check out our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with the latest news and information. We are happy to educate our customers in and around Salem, VA, about safely catering during the pandemic.