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Which Do You Prefer? Gelato vs. Ice Cream

Let Us Teach You the Difference Between the Two Tasty Treats

When it comes to Italian desserts, there is a big debate between gelato vs. ice cream. We all know that no meal in Salem, VA, is complete without dessert. Everyone enjoys a great espresso, but if you want something cold and sweet, you’ll want a gelato or ice cream. Do you know the difference between gelato vs. ice cream? This month, Mamma Maria’s will help Salem, VA, residents choose which one they prefer.

Learn About the Differences Between Gelato vs. Ice Cream

There are differences between the two treats. At first glance, they’re pretty similar. Both dishes consist of the same ingredients: dairy and sugar. The obvious difference is the origin, but there are also many others, including:

Less Air

Gelato has less air than ice cream because of the churning speed in the whipping process. The ice cream whipping process is faster, while gelato churns slower.

 Less Fat

Ice cream has more fat than gelato because it uses more milk. Gelato is still a fatty dessert; however, you can still enjoy a pleasant moment without adding calories to your diet.

More Flavor

When it comes to flavor, the main thing is storage consistency. To get the best gelato flavor, you should store it around -13 degrees Celsius. Ice cream gets its most consistent factor at about -20 degrees Celsius. The tongue’s 10,000 taste buds help experience the flavor in each dessert. If they get numb, you’ll get a lighter flavor or no flavor at all.

Gelato and Ice Cream Come in Several Flavors

The flavor brings out the best in every delicious treat. Both gelato and ice cream come in iconic, delicious flavors. Everyone loves to share their favorite flavors with their family and friends. Rest assured, you will have no problem finding the perfect flavor for your taste buds. Chefspencil.com lists the 10 most delicious Italian gelato flavors. Newsweek talks about the top-15 most popular ice cream flavors in America.

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