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The Wonder of Italian Bread

Let Us Open the Oven to Experience the Bread of Italy

We invite Salem, VA, residents to experience the wonder of Italian bread. It’s no secret that people of Italian descent enjoy bread before a meal at a restaurant. At Mamma Maria’s in Salem, VA, we craft each loaf of bread so our customers can enjoy everything about it. Whether you enjoy it as an appetizer or to mop up sauce, bread is essential to the lore of Italian food. Do you know the wonder of Italian bread? Mamma Maria’s is here to show you.

We will explain this month about the wonder of Italian bread, including its history in Italy and certain bread types. Our restaurant takes great pride in providing an authentic atmosphere to our customers in Salem, VA, and beyond. The quality taste and texture of Italian bread goes a long way in helping our restaurant do just that. We are proud to educate our valued customers on the wonder of Italian bread.

Discover the Never-Ending Love Story of Bread and Italy

Breadmaking in Italy goes way back to ancient Rome. Bakers were elevated members of society because they provided bread for nutrition and religious purposes. Ovens preserved bread’s popularity by contributing to the abundance of production. One of the first things waiters bring to customers at a restaurant is a basket of Italian bread. People use it to accompany almost any dish or to eat plain while you wait for your meal.

Many consider bread to be much more than food because of its nourishment. Italian bread is a staple of the human diet across many cultures. Restaurants across the world prepare Italian bread in thousands of different ways. It’s no wonder bread is considered a popular food appetizer.

Learn About the Different Types of Italian Bread

Bakers across the country bake more than 250 different types of Italian bread. No matter the ingredients, bread is a must for every Italian meal at a restaurant or home. Let’s take a look at which types make up the wonder of Italian bread:

Classic Italian Bread

When you think of classic Italian bread, you think of crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. This bread is perfect for enjoying a sandwich, or with butter before a meal.


Kitchens bake this flatbread on a flat sheet pan with a rich flavor. Large streams of olive oil contribute to its iconic taste. If you add more toppings, this bread becomes an even better appetizer.


Many of the irregularly shaped air pockets throughout this loaf give it some incredible texture. Its honeycomb-like nooks and crannies make ciabatta bread pair perfectly with soup.


This bread is a favorite in the Emilia-Romagna region. At about the size of an English muffin, kitchens bake piadina by cooking dough on a hot griddle. After cooking it, bakers fold it in half, and stuff cured meats and cheese inside.


Italians often refer to Biscotti as “cookies.” However, that is not the case. Biscotti is a double-baked sweet biscuit. By baking it twice, it doubles the shelf life. People enjoy Biscotti as a small breakfast treat with their morning coffee.

Some People Misjudge Italian Bread as “Just Bread”

In the bread drawer of any Italian American home, you will find multiple loaves of different regions. You will discover even more varieties in the freezer. You’re probably thinking that people of Italian descent have a bread hoarding problem; however, that is not the case. Italians simply love bread, and believe that each loaf has a particular role to play when it’s time to eat.

People believe that the many bread varieties were born at different times throughout history. Whether it was baked, fried, airy, dense, crusty, or soft, it came from places across the 20 regions of Italy. In locations where people enjoy rustic soup, you’re going to find different styles to enjoy with meat. Italian delis roll out dozens of sandwiches every lunch hour in the USA. When you combine all of this, Italian bread is never “just bread.”

Experience The Wonder of Italian Bread at Mamma Maria’s

At Mamma Maria’s, in Salem, VA, our team of passionate professionals makes each loaf of bread with precise quality. Residents in and around Salem, VA, come to Mamma Maria’s for authentic Italian food. Our kitchen staff uses the freshest loaves of bread because our Salem VA, customers deserve the best quality food. Italian bread serves as the perfect appetizer for your next meal at our restaurant.

We pride ourselves on creating the most authentic atmosphere in our restaurant. Our employees will cook your Italian food precisely how you want it. Mamma Maria’s is proud to serve Salem, VA, and surrounding areas with quality, authentic Italian food. Check out our food menu to see what Italian food you can enjoy while experiencing the wonder of Italian bread.

Learn more about the wonder of Italian bread by calling Mamma Maria’s in Salem, VA, at (540) 389-2848. Also, please feel free to contact us online or email us. Stay up-to-date by liking our Facebook page. Visit Mamma Maria’s in Salem, VA, today to experience the wonder of Italian bread.