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Learn Which Type of Pasta is Right for You

Learn About Which Pasta Shapes to Use for Your Meal

Do you know which pasta type is right for you? At Mamma Maria’s we love sharing our passion for Italian cuisine with customers. This month, let us help you make your pasta game stronger. Read along to learn more about which pasta type is right for you.

Particular Pastas Pair With Specific Sauces

Every pasta goes well with certain sauces. Thicker noodles fare better in heavy sauces, while thinner noodles go together well with lighter ones. Becoming familiar with the following types of pasta can help you nail the ratio of pasta to sauce:


Thanks to its unique shape, farfalle pasta is a good option for creamy tomato and cream-based sauces.


This pasta holds its shape longer in tomato and cream sauces. Fettuccine alfredo, (a popular Italian dish) is a no brainer if you crave pasta with a creamy white sauce.


If you want to serve pasta in chunky, meaty sauces, or light vinaigrette sauces, Fusilli is the right choice.


Today, this pasta is best with meaty sauces. They stick well inside the hollow tubes of penne or rich tomato sauce that evenly coat the pasta’s ridges.


This classic pasta pairs perfectly with tomato sauces mixed with meatballs or vegetables.


Because of its size and breadth rigatoni goes well with a simple tomato and meat sauce.


Meaning “little tongues” in Italian, linguine and cream-based sauces go together well.

Health considerations also play a factor when choosing the perfect pasta dish. BBCgoodfood.com. talks about the nutritional value of pasta. If you are looking to take the family out for an authentic Italian meal, check out Mamma Maria’s menu in Salem, VA

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